Airest is a mid century modern furniture favourite. Loved for the contemporary designs, beautiful timber finishes and quality construction.

Airest was established in 1948 by Ces Renwick. Renwick also became head of the Furniture Manufacturers Association, offering him the ability to stay on top of the latest furniture design trends. With such great credentials, the company quickly acquired a share of the market for contemporary furniture.

Airest furniture was stylish and affordable, designed for middle class suburban New Zealanders who appreciated good design. During the 1960s Airest expanded quickly with help from government import restrictions. By 1969 it had become New Zealand's largest furniture maker.

During the 1960s Airest secured licenses to produce the suite of highly successful designs from Australian company Parker Furniture. Parker Furniture was pitched at the top end of the market. It focused on cutting edge Scandinavian design "for those who make living an art".

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