Charles and Ray Eames Plywood Folding Screen

A pioneering and functional plywood screen from America's most celebrated mid century design duo.

1946 (1990's issue)
W 150cm, D 1.5cm, H 173cm




In one of their early molding experiments, Charles and Ray produced U-shaped cross sections of plywood. They discovered that, if they lined them up end-to-end and added a flexible connector, they could extend the units into sculptural, wave-like screens. The pioneering couple were among the first designers to apply technologies, materials, and bonding substances developed during World War II to the design of products for aspiring modern families.

The screen is not only a practical room divider but also a striking sculptural object. Six moulded plywood sections are joined together with woven textile hinges that can be set up in a variety of positions. The screen can be folded together for storage purposes.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from painted ash ply and textile hinges

Wood Finish: Ply is in good condition