Deluxe 'Zeta' Armchairs by Paul Tuttle for Strässle International

The ultimate offering of comfort and sophistication.

Strässle International | Switzerland
Paul Tuttle | USA
W 66cm, D 85cm, H 72cm | Seat H 41cm

$12500 NZD



With impeccable training credentials from Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin West Fellowship, Paul Tuttle is known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary design in the mid-20th century. Tuttle's work with high end American maker Baker Furniture, who also collaborated with Danish designer Finn Juhl, was considered groundbreaking at the time. These partnerships introduced and paved the way for the popularity of contemporary design in the United States.

Subsequently Tuttle began to focus on the European market with an eleven year stretch designing for Strässle International of Switzerland. These iconic, sleek armchairs were produced during this time: a low-slung design named 'Zeta', originating from the Z-shaped cantilevered frame. The organic curves, polished chrome and leather combination is the ultimate offering of comfortable sophistication.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from chrome steel and leather

Upholstery: Original leather in good condition with some patina and light ageing

Construction: Joints are sturdy and solid. All checked and ready to go

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