AH McIntosh

AH McIntosh created quality furniture which catered to the tastes of progressive middle class Britain.

Alexander Henry McIntosh started his furniture business AH McIntosh in 1869 in small town Scotland. Rapid expansion was based on a reputation for quality craftsmanship and interest from international trade fairs.

By the 1960's AH McIntosh had embraced the popular Scandinavian design aesthetic. In-house designers such as the talented Tom Robertson created a number of elegant furniture designs with clean lines and sculpted organic details that sold well throughout the UK. Each design was named after a town in Scotland and some of the most successful furniture designs were in production for over 20 years.

With the rise in interest in mid-century design and a desire for quality, there is renewed interest and enthusiasm in the furniture produced by AH McIntosh in the mid 20th century. Today's glossy UK interior design magazines are touting AH McIntosh as one of the hot vintage British brands to collect.

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