Mid-Century Furniture and Vintage Design Icons

Devoted to timeless design and inspired interiors, Mr. Bigglesworthy is curated by Dan and Emma Eagle, with a focus on premium mid-century modern furniture and vintage design classics. Their collections are presented in a central Auckland gallery space and right here online.
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Restoring a mid-century dining chair
Our restoration team carefully restore then hand weave the rope cord seat of a mid-century dining chair.
Conservation is at the heart of the Mr. Bigglesworthy offering — every piece is thoroughly checked and lovingly restored. There is a focus on preserving the character and patina of each vintage item while ensuring it will display beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Our restoration work is performed on site, by hand, in our Kingsland workshop / studio. For advanced, museum quality restoration we collaborate with some of Auckland’s best restorers who have worked on items for Te Papa and the Auckland Museum.

As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past for a future which is essentially unknown.