John Crichton

When it comes to rare and desirable New Zealand modernism, pieces from designer John Crichton are a must have.

Not long after graduation from Birmingham College of Art Crichton had been enlisted as a photographer for WWII. There he chanced to find that his para-delivered film reels were each wrapped in an 'Architectural Review'.

New Zealand benefited from the knowledge garnered from this turn of fortune when Crichton opted to emigrate to New Zealand in 1949. With his qualifications and international exposure he was part of the introduction of a new approach to interior style.

Pan Pacific Modernism combined Pacific influences in decoration with a modernist philosophy and its structured aesthetic. Crichton was a prolific interior and industrial designer. Based in a small store on Kitchener Street in Auckland he designed interiors, bespoke furniture and objects for his own spaces and others.

Today Crichton is most recognised for his mosaic tile bowls although all his pieces are highly sought after. "Decorative Art 1950s" published by Taschen showcases a total of fifteen of Crichton's designs, which hold their own alongside the best in the world.

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