Adrian Pearsall

United States
1925 - 2011
Adrian Pearsall
Adrian Pearsall is a master of free-form organic modernism. His passion for clean lined, highly sculptural design is showcased in the unique and beautiful furniture he produced during the mid 20th century.
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Adrian Pearsall began his career as a furniture designer selling home-made pieces out the back of his truck. Today he is considered a darling of American mid century design. In 2008 Pearsall was nominated for the American Furniture Hall of Fame. A well deserved accomplishment, we think.

After surviving WWII, Pearsall took himself off to university and completed a degree in architectural engineering. Within a few years he was running his own furniture company called 'Craft Associates'. Pearsall initially produced wrought iron furniture but things really took off when he embraced solid walnut in the late 1950s. The new material could be sculpted into almost any form he could imagine.

The 1960s were Pearsall's golden years and Craft Associates became a coveted name in high end designer furniture. He never ran out of forward thinking designs and even at the height of production, he continued to create custom pieces for one off commissions.

Adrian Pearsall's work is often compared with that of fellow American Vladimir Kagan. Both men created biomorphic designs that revolutionised the world of American furniture design.

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Adrian Pearsall