Arne Vodder

1926 - 2009
Arne Vodder
Arne Vodder is one of the great Danish designers of the mid 20th century.
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Arne Vodder (1926 - 2009) may not be as well known as some of his Danish counterparts, but his influence was nonetheless very significant.

He had an impressive start in the design world being trained by Finn Juhl and going on to work with him. He later opened a studio in 1951 with Anton Berg and the pair designed low-cost houses which proved to be extremely popular.

Furniture became his main focus however and he designed for various companies such as Fritz Hansen, Cado and France & Son. He found his greatest success designing office furniture for Sibast with the range doing very well in both Europe and the US. His desks were used by a broad range of well known figures such as US President Jimmy Carter, Libyan leader Muannar Gadafi and an infamous Chicago gangster!

Vodder's designs are known for their understatement, elegance, rich timbers and organic edges. He was also capable of playfulness too as is illustrated in his use of coloured panels on sideboards and cabinets. His pieces are truly timeless and are, unsurprisingly, still in hot demand.

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/ Arne Vodder 'Model 75' Sideboard by Sibast

Arne Vodder