Borge Mogensen

1914 - 1972
Borge Mogensen
Børge Mogensen’s creative process produced long-lasting pieces with humans at the center. He became a highly influential post-war designer and a leading representative of Danish Modernism.
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Børge Mogensen (1914-1972) was a renowned Danish furniture designer, recognized for his significant contributions to mid-20th-century Scandinavian design. Born in Aalborg, Denmark, Mogensen's work is characterized by its functional simplicity, craftsmanship, and focus on human needs.

Mogensen studied at the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts and later worked under influential Danish designer Kaare Klint. This experience heavily influenced his design philosophy, emphasizing the importance of functionality and practicality in furniture design.

Mogensen also taught furniture design and participated in exhibitions and competitions, such as the 1948 International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which he entered together with his friend Hans Wegner.

In 1950 Mogensen opened his own design studio. His inspiration, came from many cultures and styles, including the Shaker movement, ethnic arts, Japanese carvings, and historic works. He also had a strong belief that furniture should be accessible to the broader public, which led to the creation of many well-crafted and affordable pieces.

Throughout his career, Børge Mogensen collaborated with various Danish furniture manufacturers, including FDB (Fællesforeningen for Danmarks Brugsforeninger) and Fredericia Furniture. Some of his most iconic designs include the Spanish Chair, a leather and oak lounge chair inspired by traditional Spanish furniture, and the J39 Shaker Chair, which exemplifies his dedication to simple, durable, and practical design.

Over his lifetime Mogensen received many prestigious awards. In 1950, he was awarded the Eckersberg Medal, he won the Danish Furniture Prize in 1971 and in 1972, was awarded the C.F. Hansen Medal, and appointed Honorary Royal Designer for Industry at the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Børge Mogensen's legacy endures as his designs continue to be celebrated for their timeless appeal and enduring quality. His work has left an enduring legacy on the world of furniture design, contributing to the global appreciation of Danish modernism.

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/ Børge Mogensen 'Model 2207' Armchairs by Fredericia

Borge Mogensen