United Kingdom
1952 - Present
At the beginning of the 50s, most people bought traditional style furniture - by the end of the decade the sleek modern designs offered by G-Plan were what people aspired to!
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G-Plan was the brainchild of Donald Gomme, of traditional furniture maker 'E Gomme'. He launched G-Plan in 1952, introducing three new concepts: lifestyle branding, a constant range that people could add to over time and the modern style.

The Festival of Britain in 1951 popularised the idea of modern design; Gomme was the first furniture maker to bring modern design to a mass market in the UK. G-Plan set the standard and became the must have brand of the day.

G-Plan furniture was a little more expensive than most people could afford, but many thought it was worth making the sacrifice to have the best. Today G-Plan furniture is still as stunning and desirable as it ever was - an investment worth every penny.

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G-Plan 'Model 6250' Armchair - Mr. Bigglesworthy Archive