Super Cute Medium Size Bear by Kay Bojesen

1952 / 2000s Edition
W 16 cm, H 25cm, D 10.5cm
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The cute bear by Kay Bojesen originally saw the light of day in 1952. This version is medium sized and is made of natural oak and natural maple, so the bear fits in well with Kay Bojesen’s other wooden figures. The bear stands 25 cm tall and is the perfect gift for adults or children, as it can accompany a child into adulthood and throughout life. This is a design icon in a robust, timeless design that never goes out of fashion.

Oak and Maple, excellent vintage condition

Each piece is checked and carefully hand restored at our Kingsland studio workshop. Our focus is preserving the character and patina of the design while ensuring it displays beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Please note:

Each piece is checked and carefully restored at our Kingsland studio workshop. Our focus is preserving the character and patina of the design while ensuring it displays beautifully in a contemporary interior.

Our Process:
- Joints checked and reglued
- Timber cleaned and stains removed
- Veneer repairs if needed
- Surfaces polished / refinished

The items showcased in our gallery are constantly changing – not all items are on display at once.

Please enquire if there is a specific piece you would like to view and we’ll make sure it’s in the gallery.

Collection / Delivery

All pieces are available for collection in person from our Ponsonby gallery. We are also happy to provide a quote for delivery throughout New Zealand.

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Super Cute Medium Size Bear by Kay Bojesen

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Kay Bojesen
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Kay Bojesen
Kay Bojesen
Kay Bojesen
1886 - 1958

Kay Bojesen began his career as a silversmith and received an apprenticeship at the Georg Jensen workshop in 1907. His early work was influenced by the art nouveau movement, which combined organic shapes, references to nature, complicated ornamentation, and sophisticated detailing. After completing his apprenticeship Bojesen travelled around Europe, gathering new experiences and inspiration. When he returned to Copenhagen during the 1910’s, Bojesen become a big advocate for functionalism, which characterized his subsequent work.

In 1913 Bojesen opened his own workshop and quickly became one of the most skilled and acknowledged silversmiths of the era, winning international awards for his progressive designs. In the 1930s, Bojesen sold his silversmith workshop and began experimenting with wood. He quickly fell in love with the new medium, which led to the creation of some of the most iconic wooden toys of the mid-century era. The most celebrated is Bojesen's cheeky monkey from 1951, a design initially created as a coat rack for a children’s room.

Bojesen designed the monkey with long arms that would bring the hook down to children’s height, and with legs that could be used to hang clothes on. During the first month over 600 monkeys were sold and the iconic design has become coveted by children and adults alike. Today Kay Bojesen's designs are just as relevant in expression and function as the day they were originally created.

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