Astep/Flos 'Model 607' Table Lamp by Gino Sarfatti

The table lamp designed in 1971 embodies Gino Sarfatti’s working method, where formal experimentation and technical innovation are closely linked.

1971 / 2013 reissue
ø 25cm, H 31cm, L 39cm

$1825 NZD



The luminaire is born from a desire to fit a halogen light bulb, a new light source at the time, and its transformer into a table lamp. The result, Model 607, is an outstanding design expression.

This unique piece emits direct light and is made up of two elements mechanically snapped together: a flat, disc-shaped diffuser with a truncated cone section and an inclined parallelepiped base which gives the luminaire stability. Both elements are in painted aluminium, the diffuser with the special crackled finish so appreciated by Gino Sarfatti. The dimmer switch is placed at the front near the foot of the base.

In the re-issue, the Model 607 has been upgraded with modern LED technology in an appreciation of the ultra-modern design.

About Astep / After decades of iconic forward forcused lighting designs, the Sarfatti tradition is continued into a third generation. At the heart of Astep is the desire to step into the future and embrace new technology while maintaining the utmost reverence for what has been – coupling the work of great minds of the past with the great minds of the present.

Note: Available on indent order only – no sample to view


Materials: Beautifully crafted from painted aluminium and craquelé finish (diffuser),
and painted aluminium (base)

Finishes: Available in grey and white

Light source: N. 42 Led, 2700 K, 1200 lm, CRI 85, 15W Dimming


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