Rare Post-Modern Fritz Hansen 'Decision' Sofa

The Decision Sofa is a post-modern icon from high-end furniture maker Fritz Hansen.

Fritz Hansen | Denmark
Pelikan Design | Denmark
W 235cm, H 75cm, D 75cm




The 1980's was a groundbreaking decade defined by a rebellious shift in contemporary design. A new generation rallied against the traditional values of modernism and its rigid formal constraints, preferring playful and often ironic expressions. The most successful designers were not afraid to borrow from historical references to blur the line between kitsch and tasteful forms with often flamboyant offerings.

During this time Danish furniture maker Fritz Hansen collaborated with designers that could express a uniquely Scandinavian take on the postmodern design philosophy. The 'Decision' sofa from 1986 is a rare and iconic work from Danish studio Pelikan Design. The design draws on the rational pragmatism of mid-century modernism but manages to capture the playful nature of the era with it's bright and quirky colour schemes and modular ability to combine and create large snake-like curvaceous forms.

This particular sofa originally comes from the lobby of the Shell Oil Corporation.

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Brushed Steel: Original satin polished steel frame in excellent condition, some light pitting noted.

Upholstery: Original leather upholstery in good original condition. Slight age related colour variations and signs of use on close inspection. Overall the leather has a beautiful aged patina. Pyramid shaped, Ox blood cushions are an original part of the design, two supplied per sofa

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