Garth Chester Coffee Table

Garth Chester (1916–1968) is one of New Zealand's most important modernist furniture designers.

W 107cm, D 46cm, H 48cm

$1250 NZD



Garth Chester is one of New Zealand's most celebrated industrial designers. His now iconic and highly coveted Curvesse Chair of 1944 pushed the boundaries of bent plywood and is described as "a progressive high point in local design" ('At Home – A Century of New Zealand Design' by Douglas Lloyd-Jenkins).

After a suspicious fire destroyed his factory and plywood press in the 1950s, Chester embraced the simplicity of steel. He produced a number of innovative and contemporary designs for high-end hair salons and cafes. His talent with this new medium is clear in the crisp angular frames of this very rare and desirable coffee table.

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Materials: Beautifully crafted from plywood and steel

Steel Finish: Steel frame in good used condition with age-appropriate wear

Wood Finish: Full professional refinish to the top. Small veneer repairs are barely visible

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