Ernest Race 'The Rocker' Rocking Chair

A celebrated example of post war British design.

Race Furniture | United Kingdom
Ernest Race | United Kingdom
W 62cm, D 52cm, H 80cm




On a quest to fill his pioneering contemporary furniture store 'Jon Jansen' with groundbreaking modern design, Lincoln Laidlaw chose work from celebrated British designer Ernest Race. The understated elegance and modern manufacturing techniques Race employed led to some of the most memorable furniture of the late 1940s and '50s – pieces Laidlaw was excited to introduce to a Kiwi audience.

After WWII, almost all construction materials, especially wood, were in extremely short supply. The British government 'Utility Scheme' of 1942 specified that the use of wood was to be rationed and any available timber to be directed to the reconstruction of houses. Not to let the directive prevent good design, Race turned to other materials like aluminium and scrap metal to produce his furniture.

This chair, appositely named 'The Rocker' is a thoroughly modern interpretation of the age old British rocking chair. The steel frame allows this innovative chair to achieve sharp angular forms that would be difficult to produce using traditional materials. It's a stunning chair with a visual lightness of form and enticing design, matched perfectly with a high level of comfort.

'The Rocker' is considered a groundbreaking modern design and is held in many of the most respected British museums.

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Materials: Frame crafted from powder coated steel

Steel Finish: Good original condition

Fabric Type: Upholstered in olive green with Esplanade 'Ginger 826' designer fabric from James Dunlop. Composition: 100% SD OLF. Care: Do not dryclean / Do not iron / Do not tumble dry / Drip dry in shade / Machine wash cool gentle cycle / Use diluted bleach as required

Foam: Luxurious new high quality upholstery foam has a 10 year warranty

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