John Crichton Mosaic Side Table with Magazine Shelf

This petite John Crichton table is a mid century masterpiece.

W 61.5cm, D 31.5cm, H 38.5cm




John Crichton was one of the most talented and progressive New Zealand designers of the mid 20th century. His pioneering work helped define what is now known as Pan Pacific modernism, a locally inspired fusion of Japanese, American and Pacific references combined with a modernist ethic.

Crichton's work was showcased in a number of leading international design periodicals of the day including numerous inclusions in the celebrated 'Decorative Arts and Modern Interiors' throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Publishing company Taschen have re-issued the collection and it's great to see Crichtons work sit comfortably next to offerings from some of the most celebrated international designers.

We love all of John Crichton's pacific modern designs and this chic side table with its stunning arrangement of terracotta and white tiles is a particularly sweet treat. The tiled surface is elevated by splayed legs and offset by a bold, geometric magazine shelf, making this table a coveted modernist classic.


Materials: Beautifully crafted from steel, iron, mosaic tiles and hardboard

Tiles: Perfect condition; no chips or cracks

Grout: Some minor gaps, left by initial making process or caused by wear over time

Iron Finish: Iron frame in good used condition with original rubber feet

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